For a fair economy !

Publié le 6 mai 2012

- mis à jour le 6 mai 2012

• Commit to a durable and regular co-operation.
• A process and a guarantee
• Nowadays in our society, deeply unfair, fair trade can only be a process, a collective fight. Unlike misleading and simplistic propagandas, fair trade does not exist as it stands, it can only aims at equity. It is a question of collective (producers, merchants, citizens/consumers) and complicated process in a process of democratic, local and durable development,.
• In our opinion, fair trade’s aim is not world trade developments dominated by the only benefit of a minority, under the wrong pretext of eradicate poverty but fair trade is only a welfare and a self-determination -first on an economic level, (food sovereignty) - of population everywhere in the world. It is opposed to a paternalistic charity and it is one way of self-development. Products and services are produced and distributed in structures where citizens take part in decisions in priority.
• The guarantee of a fair channel work is not provided by a brand or a quality label which verification are limited and unpredictable because it happened once a year and checked by a private institution. The guarantee is a permanent follow-up, visits and mutual exchanges concerning all domains (economic, social, cultural and politic).
• This daily practice gives a full transparency of our activities : global process, channels, price breakdown etc.
Thus, all citizens or public administration have the opportunity of learning, advising, conversing, and checking. They can assume their responsibilities and their rights, and they can take part in sustainaible economy of which they are actors.

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